My New Faves From Princess Polly

If you aren’t familiar with the shop Princess Polly then… you don’t have Instagram. The company began as a store in Surfers Paradise, Australia. It became super popular, and they launched their online shop in 2010. They’ve been selling party looks like hot cakes ever since! In a world where everyone is wearing Zara and Urban Outfitters, Princess Polly is a refreshing, vibrant, and colourful … Continue reading My New Faves From Princess Polly

KOTN: the best basics

A white and black turtleneck are two key wardrobe staples. Finding the perfect black turtleneck seems easy, but it’s actually challenging. The neck has to hug you and not lose elasticity, you want a quality fabric that you can wash for years without the black ever fading, etc. I discovered KOTN in November. They’re an incredible company that started in 2014 in Toronto. Their focus … Continue reading KOTN: the best basics

90’s Makeup

Classic ’90s makeup is dominating runways, magazines, street style blogs, and Instagram. You can’t explore on Insta without seeing a metallic glittery eye (we tried a Euphoria-inspired look out for ourselves, keep scrolling to see it!), a trendy brown lip, or a sleek wet hairstyle. The important question – HOW does the 90’s beauty trend translate into real life? We’ve compiled the top trends, plus … Continue reading 90’s Makeup

3 Stunning Cafés for Shooting Content in Montreal’s Old Port

I get real hyped about coffee and coffee shops. After all.. they are my free studios for shooting content. Not everyone is blessed with a beautifully lit bedroom or living room. And I don’t all have access to a studio. If you’re looking to create content – for work, your portfolio, or just for fun – it’s important you use public spaces to your advantage. A café can be … Continue reading 3 Stunning Cafés for Shooting Content in Montreal’s Old Port

IG Tips: Building a Dedicated Community

I attended the Pangea Dreams retreat in Bali. An integral part of the schedule was daily workshops, held by specialists in the realms of social media and marketing. They focused on helping women to grow their personal business, to kickstart the career they really want, and more. Content creator and blogger Carly Nogawski @light.travels taught a workshop called Building a dedicated Community on IG + Media Kit creation. I’m sharing everything … Continue reading IG Tips: Building a Dedicated Community

Pangea Dreams: empowered women empower women

I had the honor of joining the Pangea Dreams team and five amazing attendees, women from across the globe, for a special retreat in Ubud, Bali! We all arrived with open minds and hearts, ready to soak everything in, and suitcases full of Ardene looks – prepped for a week of content creation in magical Ubud. I have so much to share with you! Before I get into it, … Continue reading Pangea Dreams: empowered women empower women