Shop Local MTL: Holiday Gift Guide

The pandemic has been wake up call in many ways. Being someone or knowing someone who has had to shut their doors and close their business affects daily life and the way we consume. Many have realized they want to do better by supporting local and shopping more conscientiously. This holiday season support a local artist, restaurant or entrepreneur ❤️ Here are a few of … Continue reading Shop Local MTL: Holiday Gift Guide

I Made: a Matching Tweed Set

Upcycling: various processes by which “old” or existing products are modified and gain a second life as they’re turned into “new” products. If you haven’t dabbled in upcycling, take this as a sign you should. Old teacups can become candles, a mason jar can be a rustic vase, an old blouse can become a scrunchie. Get crafty, it’s fun as hell. My latest upcycling project … Continue reading I Made: a Matching Tweed Set

Caudalie beauty elixir mist

Skincare Review: Caudalie

Caudalie is a cult famous skincare brand from France. The brand launched their first products in 1995, they are rooted in science and proven formulas. They are well-known for their use of the powerful properties of grapes. Wondering how French women have that effortless, dewy, beautiful complexion? It’s probably this skincare brand. And all that good pain and vin. The brand is trusted for good … Continue reading Skincare Review: Caudalie

3 Stunning Cafés for Shooting Content in Montreal’s Old Port

I get real hyped about coffee and coffee shops. After all.. they are my free studios for shooting content. Not everyone is blessed with a beautifully lit bedroom or living room. And I don’t all have access to a studio. If you’re looking to create content – for work, your portfolio, or just for fun – it’s important you use public spaces to your advantage. A café can be … Continue reading 3 Stunning Cafés for Shooting Content in Montreal’s Old Port