The Best Coffee in Montreal

Coffee is very personal, some folks love Nespresso and Starbucks, others think those both fall into the “shit” category. I’m the latte(r).

Whoever you are and wherever you fall, if you’re looking for the best coffee in MTL I got you covered. I’m breaking them down by neighbourhood.


Café Olimpico is on rue Saint-Viateur O, a really buzzing street no matter the day. This spot is a staple. Once a hang out for old italian men to watch Fifa games and drink espresso and wine all day, this cafe is now gentrified city. When I feel like seeing friends without making plans I just walk to this spot and bump into people.

Café Névé on Rachel East. Really cute spot. Great coffee, and great hot cocoa.

Lapin Pressé on Laurier Ave East. A small pick up spot with bomb grilled cheese and great coffee.

Little Italy

San Simeon – this is my #1 coffee in Montreal! It’s on Rue Dante. Such a cute street.

It’s sooo good. For everyone under 30 be warned – they only have dairy milk and they will judge you for asking about alternative milks. This attitude can also be generalized for all of little italy.

If you have a sweet tooth – walk 1-2 blocks east and go to Alati Caserta. This is THE Italian sweet spot. So classic. Slaps every time.

Caffè Italia on Saint-Laurent Blvd. Classic and chock-full of nostalgia for the good ol’ days (the 80’s & 90’s in Montreal were booming). I live for the caffè freddo here in the summer. Essentially a pure coffee slush. Bomb.

Ferlucci on De Castelneau East. So cute, europe vibes. Good sweets too.


Café Myriade on Victoria Avenue. This is that bitter 3rd wave coffee. That’s not my favourite, but this spot is a fan favourite so it still makes the list.

James Perse on Sherbrooke street in Westmount. This is a clothing store (very high quality basics) but they have boom coffee and matcha. And a solid lunch menu, too.

Saint Henri

Campanelli on Notre Dame Street, close to a bunch of good food spots. A staple.

September Surf on Notre Dame St W. Really cute spot. I used to bring my laptop and sit in the sun-filled room all day, pre covid life.


Parma on Bishop. Also one of the best panini in town.

Café Olimpico on Blvd Robert-Bourassa. This spot has 3 locations.

Old Port

Tommy on Notre Dame St W. A little pricey but good!.

Café Olimpico on rue Saint-Vincent

There are tons of cafés, but they just don’t make the cut. And when you’re dishing out $3.50 – 6 for a coffee, it’s important to make it count. Every. Time.

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