Caudalie beauty elixir mist

Skincare Review: Caudalie

Caudalie is a cult famous skincare brand from France. The brand launched their first products in 1995, they are rooted in science and proven formulas. They are well-known for their use of the powerful properties of grapes.

Wondering how French women have that effortless, dewy, beautiful complexion? It’s probably this skincare brand. And all that good pain and vin.

The brand is trusted for good reason – the products have NO parabens, no ingredients of animal origin, no mineral oils, and no irritating agent or perfume. There is a subtle scent but it’s natural, from essential oils.

The kind team at Luxine PR sent me these products to try out over the summer. A special thank you to them for putting me on to my now favourite products!

Beauty Elixir

Essentially, this is the mist that trumps all mists. It’s a multi-purpose elixir that can be used as a makeup primer or a simple pick-me-up – it refreshes and moisturizes the skin.

This product is a must-have for me.

They make a mini size and I plan to buy it before the winter season, and carry it in my purse.

Vinosculpt Bodycream

Granted I might not be the ideal candidate for this product as it’s purpose is to tighten the skin and bring back firmness. I am 28 years old. Perhaps this product is better for someone older and who has experienced pregnancy.

However, I have lost and gained 20-30 pounds throughout the years and on my lower body I do have “extra” skin. After using this for a month, I definitely noticed a difference.

Another thing I love about Caudalie is they donate 1% of it’s annual profit to environmental associations; WWF, National Forest Foundation, Ocean protect, and many more.

psst, you get 10% off when you subscribe to their newsletter.

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