Depop Finds: Gucci Swimwear

I’m starting a series called Depop finds, because as well as being an active seller on the app for the last 5 years, I’m also a loyal shopper.

A few months ago, I found this unreal Gucci one shoulder tiger print swimsuit. And it was new with the tags on, wtf! I scored this baby for $20 USD, as well as a Fendi bikini that was also $20 USD.


You can see my Depop shop here: @sydneyannabb

Seriously y’all, if there is an item you’re dying to buy for yourself – designer, new, whatever it might be – look on Depop and Poshmark before venturing out into other Ecom shops or brick and mortar stores. Pros: You’ll save tons of money, you’ll support an independent person’s shop, and you’ll be doing it from the confort of your own home.

While you might be thinking “but I can’t try it on” – yes, this is true, but unlike a large retailer/Ecom shop, you can privately message the seller with all of your questions. Don’t be shy, they want sales. I asked the guy selling this bathing suit 5-6 questions and he answered everything in detail. Buying a swimsuit is so personal, it’s such a tight-fitting item, I had so many questions and he was amazing at giving me the deets.

That’s it for now, the SeaDoo is calling 💦

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