Tips and Tricks for Selling on Depop

I started my Depop shop in 2014, after selling on eBay and Etsy for years. I had always dreamed of a simpler way of selling vintage & communicating with buyers through my phone, and Depop created the answer.

Yes, Depop is free to download and use. Sort of – they take 10% of each sale you make. It’s steep but personally I liked this option better than designing my own Shopify and paying a low monthly fee.

If you’re thinking of clearing out your closet and selling $10-20 items, then it won’t be worth it. It’s a better use of your time and energy to either donate your stuff OR ask your friend circle if anyone wants it. Creating a Depop shop will be useful if your items can sell for upwards of $40.

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If you have any of the following, then it is probably a good idea to start your own Depop shop: items with tags

2.exclusive/rare items that are coveted

3.beautiful, great condition vintage

If you’re wondering, how do I start? I got you.

Here are simple and practical tips for getting started. 

1.Batch work

Breakdown your work into: shooting content, item descriptions, posting + sharing.

Set aside time to shoot all of your items (I’ll get into great tips for shooting in this article, too). Once you’ve shot everything, go through your items and write down all of the information about them in an iPhone note on your phone.

Info to write down:

1.What the label says – brand and sizing

2.ANY signs of wear and tear – you need to be transparent with your shoppers or they will want to return what they bought.

3.Fabric content. What’s it made of?

4.Styling tips – what does the item look cool with? are there different ways to wear it? does it have special features that aren’t obvious?

5.Measurements! People often ask for key measurements – bust, waist, length. So save yourself the trouble of having to go back to the item once you’ve stored it away, and get the measurements first.

6.Era. If you know, write what year it’s from.

Next, set aside time for actually posting the item Depop.

In the same way you want to post on Instagram at your “ideal time” try to do the same with Depop. Posting an item at 6 am on a Sunday is not a good idea. Instead, go for when people are scrolling – between 11 and 6pm on a week day is a safe bet.

The last step – sharing.

Whatever social media account you have, USE IT. Twitter, FB, Insta, Pinterest, anything at all – go share the news that you’re selling your stuff on Depop! The extra views can go far.

Now, let’s talk about your content. Your photos need to check off a couple of boxes to make sure your clothing has the best chance at selling.

1.You need good lighting. This is a dealbreaker. The good light might be in the most inconvenient room in your apartment – but go there, organize the space, and create a small set for you to shoot. Natural light > artificial light.

If there’s no natural light where you live, go outside and get exploring. You will definitely find a spot somewhere in your neighbourhood where you can set up, unbothered, and shoot for a few hours.

2.Style your pieces.

You don’t have to go all-out, but just adding the right touches will not only level-up your images, it will allow you to charge the right price to the item you’re selling.

Within my first year of having Depop I saw the clear different in my items that I didn’t style vs the ones I did. When I put the extra time into the outfit as a WHOLE, those items would always sell quicker than the ones I didn’t style.

This doesn’t have to be hard – get your styling pieces ready: jewelry, hoops & rings, cute purses, a colorful sneakers, a strappy heal, the perfect white tank, etc.

3. Try to have a cohesive feed – just like a professional instagram account.

If you can always shoot in the same place, this is easy. If you’re always having to shoot in different places, make it work by getting 9 to 12 items out of each location. That way your feed will still be on point.

4.Use your bio properly.

In your bio, describe what your store is. Is it all new items with tags on, vintage lingerie, vintage denim?

Also let people know  – if you ship in Canada, the US, internationally, if you ship out on a specific day, if they can return or refund items. The more professional you are with your shop, the more people will feel that and feel comfortable shopping.

5.Get reviews. And if you shop, review your experience.

As a consumer, you already know how valuable reviews are. They’re everything! When someone buys something from you, it gives them the option to review your shop. Doesn’t mean they’re going to do it. But if you ask them nicely AND you review them as a customer, I’m certain they’ll be happy to leave you a good review.

I really hope this helps! If you have any Depop or re-selling questions, drop them below and I’ll get to them.

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