Mejuri Ear Party

Mejuri is an incredible brand – quality pieces, styles for every woman, and a lightweight wearable feel that makes their pieces perfect for every day. I was always into jewelry, but I never wore it every day (and slept with it on) before Mejuri.


Now I feel naked without my Mejuri pieces, my mom’s gold wedding band, and my two aunt’s engagement ring. My family members have gracefully given me all of the jewelry from their past, and DAMN – someone, at some time, really splurged on them. David Yurman, Tiffany, jesus I’ve got the whole fam here and I love mixing it with Mejuri.

Such different styles – jewelry is a really fun thing to mix and match. It adds a twist and texture to any outfit.


I’m wearing the croissant dôme cuff, that is just $55. I want to buy myself a second one and wear both every day. It’s just so pretty!

The dangling hoops I’m wearing are from their Menagerie collection, unfortunately this pair is sold out on their website. Here’s a very similar pair, with a super cute little hanging seashell – called Striped Shell Earrings.


My other pair of hoops is also sold out. So sad. But this pair is quite similar – their name is the Beaded Hoops.


If you’re wondering what you could possibly get for your mom, your nonna, your bae or your bestie – look no further! Mejuri has stunning queen pieces for as low as $40.

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